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Kitchen Remodeling

In our company we consider the kitchen as the “heart” of the house. This is the reason that we focused on providing high quality materials integrated into high-end job, so you don’t need to compromise on quality with your budget.

Bathroom Remodeling

In our company we believe that successful bathroom remodeling projects require thoughtful planning and design, through skilled craftsmanship. We specialized on walking showers, free standing tubs and jacuzzi.

Exterior Remodeling

Solidworks Remodeling purpose of exterior spaces is to provide our customer a feel of a vacation every time they are entering their backyards,front yards and balconies. We specialized on decking, pool, jacuzzis, patios and excavation.


With over 10 years of experience we are experts in home remodeling and renovations.
We work hard to provide the best quality in our services and our exterior remodeling.
We can help you design and build a kitchen that fits all your needs
Our experienced team can take your dream bathroom and make it a reality.
We are experts in remodeling and construction and know how to build the right room addition for your home.
We can take your ideas and turn them into reality making your dream home come true.


Home Energy Efficiency

Why Choose Us?
Over 10 Years Experience
Our experience affords us the knowledge that helps us get the job done right the first time.Our experience helps us make sure the job is done with exacting measurements and standards while avoiding the costly pitfalls that come with the lack of experience.
We are Licensed
You are ensured that the work is done properly to local and state building codes. You know you workers in your home that are covered with all of the proper insurance coverage including liability and workers compensation.
Excellent Reputation
Our reputation is excellent while we strive to provide the best client satisfaction possible. You can always count on our locally owned and operated company for personalized services and competitive prices. We take pride in the service and work we do.

Our Stellar Reputation Speaks For Itself

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Clients Reviews
Jenny Nicholson

“After deciding to remodel my kitchen with my husband Bob,I had difficulty to find a company that will guide me and give me a personal costumer care. Luckly I found Solidworks Remodeling, managed by Leo- great and professional contractor that together with him team of professional workers and design team guided us through the whole process from 3d sketch ,to choosing materials to a great result. We absolutely LOVE our brand new stylish kitchen. Thank you Solidworks Remodeling, I will tell about you to all my friends”

Todd Bricknes

“Solidworks Remodeling installed a new deck in my backyard, although the base was already old, something that made the work harder, especially because I live on the hills side, but Solidworks remodeling with their experienced crew made it a “peace of cake”.

Michael Wilnson

“Solidworks remodeling remodel our bathroom and we could not believe how talented they were on maximizing the space of our small bathroom. They used hidden toilet and walking shower that gives a feeling of bigger open space, they used terracotta tiles for the floor and ceramic tiles for the walls. Solidworks Remodeling make sure that all of this pleasure was fitting our budget. Thank you Solidworks Remodeling, you are truly the best”

Kate Brenton

“I would like to recommend Solidworks Remodeling as my swimming pool contractor. Me and my husband bought our house in Reseda 5 years ago and had a dream to build a swimming pool in our backyard. We saved some money and we were lucky to meet leo , a professionalist one of a kind. The process was not easy for us because we have 2 small kids cause the pool excavation is a massy job, but Leo make sure that we will barley feel it, he and his crew did a fantastic job on such a complicated project and managed to finish it faster as we predicted. Our family enjoyed every summer day at the pool, Thank you Leo, we could not ask for better”

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