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Need Hardscape & Landscape Renovation?

Hardscape & Landscape Renovation

We will help you upgrade your back or front yard with our talents designers team with our knowledgeable workers crews. We offer services such as: stamped concrete, concrete slab, driveways, slat and tile flooring, pavers, bricks and stone cover. All this services purpose is to provide you the best outdoor experience.

Ready to revamp your front or backyard for a relaxing and fun outdoor space? Effective and accurate planning is key for your landscape or hardscape project. Too much hardscape in an outdoor space can look visually boring on the design side, while too much vegetation can require a ton of maintenance and take up valuable outdoor space you need access to. For this reason, you’ll need an experienced landscaping design and construction team to help you bring the beauty and relaxation of the indoors to your outside space.

Our Landscaping and Hardscaping Process

Before everything, we will meet with you right at your home to talk about your needs and budget scope for the project. Then, we’ll take measurements and discuss your different options, which will be laid out in a sketch to help you visualize the division of space. From there, we’ll help you select different materials that serve your preferences. These selections might include concrete pavers, porcelain pavers, stone, tile, wooden decks and more, depending on the features you’re looking for.

Materials To Fit YOUR Needs

Confused about what building materials to pick? Don’t worry, we’ll spell it out for you as we guide you on different material advantages or disadvantages to help you decide. For example, you could be looking for a concrete look, or a different option like colorized concrete, a wash finish, smooth finish or broom finish to coincide with your vision.

Assessing Natural Features On Your Property

Great landscaping and hardscaping is more than picking the right materials– the quality of installation and pre-construction planning is paramount to a long-lasting outdoor space. Our construction team will inspect your property before any shovel hits dirt. Before pouring concrete or installing pavers, for example, the ground needs to be prepared with a drainage system to keep water from getting to the foundation. The water issue can be solved by adding or removing dirt, but it’s always best to install a drainage system in the ground in case stormy weather presents heavy drainage needs. Our project managers think of everything– factoring in all of these considerations to create your beautiful and functional backyard. For outdoor landscaping projects, we start with any paving projects you’d like completed. Then, we get to work creating a beautiful landscaping design for optimal use and aesthetic charm. Whether your style is traditional, modern, Japanese style, drought-resistant or another look, we know a thing or two about landscaping to get you the ideal combination for your space.

Assessment of Environmental Conditions

If you want concrete, paving, turf or real grass, we can transform your outdoor space with it along with gorgeous vegetation selections from the nursery. We consider several environmental features when helping you select plants for the design, including how much light the plants would have access to, and how intense the elements would be in your outdoor space. Other considerations include water availability in the environment, wind exposure, your soil type, and plant competition in the area.

Hardscape and Landscape FAQs

What if I need hillside landscaping?

Our construction team is well-versed in assessing different property environmental needs, and we can adjust measurements while planning so we can create a stable foundation for pavement, walkways and concrete patio installation even on an incline.

What does hardscaping entail?

Hardscaping refers to man made architecture that is integrated into landscaping, such as walking paths, walls, and patios. These elements can make your outside space more aesthetic, walkable and inviting when paired with vegetation and other landscaping features.

How will I know if plants will live well in my area?

To determine if certain plants will survive well in your home’s environment, it’s important to determine your property’s plant hardiness zone. The USDA Agricultural Research Service classifies Los Angeles and surrounding cities as a mix of 9a, 10a, and 10b on the hardiness scale, which is based off of the annual average minimum winter temperature in that area.

What is the cost difference between concrete to pavers?

Concrete paving ranges from $10-15 per square foot in the Los Angeles area, and pavers made of concrete can go from $15 to $20. More commonly used brick pavers can go from $10 to $30 per square foot, and cobblestone will run you anywhere from $30-70 per square foot.

How do I find the best hardscape contractors ?

The best hardscape contractors near you will have expertise working with a variety of materials, and should list something on their website about water drainage as well as procedures on digging around possible utility lines. This will ensure that the work they do will be long lasting even in wet conditions, and they. will not cause expensive damages in water, sewer or gas lines on your property.





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