Architectural Planning and Design

Architectural Planning & Design

Our Planning Process

Our architects and construction team will work with you to turn your ideas and vision into a solid, workable plan to submit to the City of Los Angeles. If you need architectural plans or just engineering plans to accompany your existing plans, we’ve got you covered to make sure your whole project goes smoothly.

Our planning process starts with measurements and sketches with both your requests and Los Angeles/California State requirements in mind, so we can create plans ready to submit to the city for approval. We take care of submitting plans, and answering any questions or additional requirements from your city, ensuring all city fees and permits are adhered to. This makes things simple for you, so you can focus on the enjoyable part of design and materials selection prior to construction.

Our Design Process

Before anything, our design team measures the remodeling space and meets with you to talk about your unique style and aesthetic preferences. After a few appointments to find your ideal layout and style for the space, our designer will accompany you to greater Los Angeles area tile, flooring or hardware stores to assist you in material selection. Then, you’ll be able to see exactly what your wooden cabinets, flooring or bathroom tiles, etc will look like via 3D virtual design renderings including your chosen materials.

After selected materials are placed on the “to-buy list”, we will assist you in ordering them, and we’ll even send links and suggestions to take guesswork out! After they’re ordered, the designer is present for the whole construction process, working hand-in-hand with our construction team to bring plans to life with great attention to detail. In this way, our team is committed to creating your high-quality and stylish remodel, inside and out.

Architecture and Design FAQ’s

What if I have my own architect?

Although our architects are available to create your project plans, we are flexible and can step in to do construction with existing plans from the architect of your choice. Our experienced construction and engineering team is able to work with your architect to ensure all technical elements are sound for your project, and we will communicate regularly with your architect during construction.

How involved do I have to be in planning?

We try to give you as much freedom for material selection, design features, and layout for a remodeling project as possible, but if you’d rather hand us the keys and have a zero-effort remodel, we can do that for you! Our expert designers and construction team aims to make the planning and design process as simple as possible for you, and we have pre-made designs ready to build if you’d rather pick one and hit the ground running.

What if I have questions during the planning process?

We pride ourselves in our transparent, communicative team that aims to fully understand your vision and update you constantly during the planning and design process. Whatever questions or ideas you have, lay them on us! We’re here to make your life easier, and your project go smoothly.

Can your architectural design team implement my aesthetic preferences?

We can mold our designs to your individual personality, aesthetic and lifestyle, to create the feeling that you’re stepping into your happy place when you enter your home. Whether it’s gothic architecture, modern architecture, brutalist architecture, rome architecture, georgian architecture, colonial architecture or any other style you can dream up, your vision is our inspiration.

What if I have a specific design material in mind?

If you’re ready to go with a vision of a stone, tile, or type of wood for your remodeling project, just let us know your dream and we’ll make it a reality. For bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling, the design possibilities are endless and we have experience with every material under the sun. We can even help you make materials cost-efficient by meeting you at the store to pick them out!





We are a team of experienced home interior and exterior remodeling specialists offering quality workmanship and personalized Architectural Planning & Design services to ensure that your home remodeling experience is exactly what you dreamed it would be.







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