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Pool & Spa Remodeling

We build high level pools and spas. We accompany the costumer from the engineering plans through excavation to the result. We own heavy equipment that enables us to do professional and thorough work while keeping all the safety codes. We will make you feel in a 5 stars hotel everytime you walk into your swimming area.

Pool & Spa

The pool is the centerpiece of every backyard. If you don’t have a pool and have the space for one, now is the perfect time to make the investment in your property. If you have a pool, why not upgrade it to give it some more longevity? You might have questions about when it’s time to  replaster your pool (every 10-15 years depending on the quality of work!) or what signs indicate that it’s time to remodel. Have you always wanted to invest in that hot tub or jacuzzi installation, but couldn’t find a hot tub installation company near you? Whatever questions you have, our construction team has the answers, and the expertise to get it done properly.

If you’re looking for a new pool, cities in the greater Los Angeles area have several regulations on code requirements and permit/plans approval that our team can assist you in submitting, saving you time and hassle to make your experience stress free. Now the only question is- what kind of pool do you want? Fiberglass inground pools, vinyl pools, dunk pools, and most common to the Los Angeles area- concrete pools. Although they’re not the most time or cost-efficient, concrete pools are great for longevity and more flexible to changes if you want to add in a jacuzzi, Baja shelf, water feature or new resurfacing.

Be it an infinity pool/zero edge pool, pool coping, pool with walk in steps, or a small pool/jacuzzi/spa combo, we’ll get the project done with the expert attention to detail needed. Especially with inground pool installation, the delicate process of digging with excavators while safeguarding water, gas, and sewer pipes in the ground means you’ll need experienced contractors to get the job done. We plan for everything- including varying sidewalk sizes that can complicate dirt clearing during the excavation of the pool’s shell.

Our Pool Remodeling/Building Process

Our process in pool installation or remodeling starts with project managers evaluating access points in your pool along with the locations of utility lines to ensure smooth and safe remodeling. Once the framework is completed, our design team gets to work helping you select the best coping, tile and plaster for your new pool according to your style, needs and budget. We ask the most important question- is this the right equipment for your pool?

The pumping heart of your pool (the pump) comes next. Measured by Gallons Per Minute, this critical feature in filtering debris from your pool needs to be the right size for your pool. This is to ensure it goes through the correct amount of cycles to properly filter, and downsizing a pump could lessen this. On the other hand, a too-large pump takes up a lot of energy and won’t run effectively. For this reason, our project managers make sure you have the best size pump for your pool, and you’ll be guided on proper use of new equipment for the most energy efficient use.

We can also handle projects like pool lining replacement, retractable sliding deck pool covers or pool fencing- we’ve got you (and your pool) covered! With the help of our construction team, no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll make the most of your backyard with a relaxing oasis to enjoy year-round.

Pool & Spa FAQs

How much should a pool remodel near me cost?

In the greater Los Angeles area, pool remodeling can depend on what features you’re looking for. If you’re adding a baja shelf, spa, or new coping or tile for example, these are all factors that would affect the end price. Although it is difficult to quantify exactly the cost of a pool remodel, pool coping can range from $30 to $50 per linear foot, and re-tiling can cost around $3,000 or more depending on the type of tile. In general, total costs can fall anywhere from $20k-$30k depending on equipment changes and your plumbing system’s needs.

How does a pool affect home value?

The average pool can increase your home’s value by 5 to 8 percent. This makes it not only a comfortable addition to your outdoor space- it’s an investment in your home if you ever decide to sell.

Can I change the shape of my in-ground pool?

Although changing your in-ground pool’s shape is more involved than other remodeling solutions, it is possible if you have an experienced contractor. Factors to consider when expanding your pool are the need to get larger filtration systems, more piping and  larger heater if your pool has one to accommodate the extra space and water.

Can I change the depth of my pool?

If you’re looking to make your pool shallower, it is possible with the right contractor. However, if you wanted a deeper pool, it would be like replacing your pool anyway and it would cost the same as a brand-new pool.

How do I find the right pool remodeling company near me?

Finding the right pool contractors involves looking at a remodeling company’s planning process and experience installing or building your desired pool. The delicate nature of digging means finding a careless or inexperienced contractor can mean disastrous damage to your utility lines, and costly pool repairs down the line.

How often should you replaster a pool?

You should replaster a pool every 10-15 years. Depending on the quality of the replaster, you can go much longer between replastering with the right pool remodeling contractor.

How much does pool resurfacing cost?

Pool resurfacing in the Los Angeles area can cost around $40-80 per linear foot, depending on the pool’s condition and whether you use mini pebbles or regular plaster.

How long does it take to install a new pool?

The length of time it takes to install a new pool depends on what type of pool it is, and the contractors you choose. With a time-efficient contractor that helps you secure approved permits from the city and plan for all factors, you can get your pool built in as little as 8-12 weeks.





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